Monty Python: Killer Sheep 10

Killer Sheep 10" Plush

Monty Python

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10" Monty Python's Sheep in Wolf's Clothing (from the Flying Circus "Killer Sheep" sketch).

You might be purchasing a known criminal ungulate, or it might not. Just in case, do not leave children and sheep unsupervised. Avoid arming sheep. Store sheep well away from live ammo. Do not provoke sheep by making disparaging baaaaing noises. Note that sheep hasn't had a good shot of whiskey since being packaged. While this is not an issue if the sheep is a harmless plush toy, on the offhand chance that it is a psychotic killer, the lack of whiskey is liable to have left the sheep with a very baaad temper..Wait! That was a typo. I meant bad, honestly!...No wait! Not my ear!...Arrrgh!